The Foundation Rivoli2 is a space in which to give exposure to the most innovative expressions of the contemporary art and culture; a laboratory in which to merge and develop studies in visual, artistic and curatorial fields with a particular attention to the essence of the research and the project of each artist.
Cultural activities come along with our expository projects: they are proposed from the same artist and curators and they collaborate with Academies, Universities and other organisations, both Italian and foreign (open studios, round tables, public actions, performances, studio visit, workshop).
Thanks to the works donated by the artists that have exposed in the Foundation, Rivoli2 will create a permanent collection. 
The Foundation has the support of a Scientific Committee, which sees the participation of different personalities representing the cultural and the artistic world of the civil society. 
The Committee aims to value the projects proposed from the Managing Council of the Foundation; each member of the Committee can in turn present proposals which are in line with the Foundation's Mission. 




The scientific Committee is composed by:

Manuela Brevi – journalist

Roberto Casiraghi – director of the Visual Art department at Brera Academy

Marco Cerri – architect

Stefano Colombo – business consultant, university teacher

Mimmo Di Marzio – journalist

Giancarlo Lacchin – teacher of Aesthetics Università Statale di Milano

Giuseppe Maraniello – artist

Claudio Olivieri – artist