President: Pier Luigi Guzzetti
Director: Nicoletta Castellaneta
Press Office: Simona Cantoni

The Rivoli2 Foundation was instituted in 2013 with the purpose of promoting, documenting and experimenting the path of artists and curators within different cultural realities, by disposing a space to promote their work and research projects and, contemporarily, by offering them the possibility to enter in contact with the different representations of the world of the Arts and with the public. Our Foundation aims to create partnerships with public realities, both national and international, to request their sponsorship and collaboration. It also involves prominent exponents of the cultural environment and it compares with the existence of homologous realities both in Italy and abroad. Moreover, the Rivoli2 Foundation includes within its intents the one of promoting and organising a series of projects offsite, in synergy with different Institutions and Authorities.