11 MARZO -11 APRILE 2015

The ancient representation of the universe, ordered according to the multiple connection between heaven and earth, is the center of Lorenzo La Rocca’s solo, entitled Cosmographia. Exploiting the characteristics of the exhibition space, divided over three levels, the artist offers a symbolic vertical path inspired by ancient cosmology, in which the universe was observed, described and interpreted according to a unified and harmonious vision: the great celestial structure corresponded to the small terrestrial one, the macrocosm is reflected in the microcosm. Interpreting in a contemporary key symbols and archetypes derived from this thought, La Rocca has made three cores of images, organized on the three levels of the foundation, ideally evoking parts of cosmological design: the sky (foreground), the Earth's surface (ground floor ), the underground (basement).

First floor - Heaven

Seven works on paper represent the seven heavenly bodies that were considered in antiquity as planets (from the ancient greek planetai: wandering [stars]). Called by the Greeks with the names of their gods, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn in time purchased all the properties of their respective mythological figures bringing to believe that their movements could affect, in relation to the character and powers of divinity, life on earth and the fate of man. Inspired by the historic anthropomorphic representations of the seven planets spread mainly in the fifteenth century with the advent of new printing techniques, the author proposes here a personal reading. In these works, allegories and forms of mythological tradition can be traced, in a new guise, in the images of contemporary culture, revealing the survival of the ancient gods in the areas most unpredictable of our age.

Ground floor - Living Earth

In this floor the theme is one of the great archetypes that connect heaven and earth: the dance of the labyrinth, the model of all sacred dances. Performed by Theseus to celebrate, along with the boys and the girls Athenians freed in the maze, the victory on the Minotaur, this dance according to tradition would have rise from the imitation of the movement of the stars, an harmonic and ordered rhythm that was reflected in turn in the forms but structured winding maze. This evocative image, moreover, has always been a metaphor of human existence, the continuous search of a road leading to a way out of the difficulty and confusion generated by the chaos. In the wake of these symbolic meanings, and with the cooperation of a dancer / choreographer, La Rocca has imagined a new "dance of the labyrinth", translated into some works synergistically to illustrate the sequence of movements within the schema of a Cretan labyrinth.

Basement – Underdark

Here the presented works have as subject the seven major metals (gold, silver, mercury, copper, iron, tin, lead) that, as carriers of mythical messages, connect the prints on the first floor with the representations of the planets. The seven planets and the seven metals, to which the alchemists attribute the same graphic symbols, in fact, represent the two mirror poles of the universe: sky and underground. This correlation is expressed by the alchemical work which, through a refining process, attempts to purify metals from slag, to bring them to their nobler degree, their higher state, from which they have decayed. Again, therefore, the author's works refer to ancient analogies between heaven and earth, between high and low, metaphors timeless path of purification of our inner life.


Credits: Serena Zanardi