January 21st - February 21st

Marc Breslin, Ana Manso e Tiziano Martini are three artists born in the 80s; coming from different parts of the world, they work with the pictorial media in very different way, but they all share the willingness to capture sensations, emotions, feelings through the pictorial act and the space and the time which it “occupies”.

The pictorial process is lived as a development of stages which involve not only the formal act but the media itself and its references to “other”. We could say that the limit that painting constitutes it is for all three authors a starting point. They could be considered, under some aspect, as descending from analytical painting: painting does not need anymore to represent something to be legitimized, but it is sufficient that it talks about itself, analysing the relationship between the artist and the canvas and the action of the artist and the trace that remains of it.

The investigation that they develop includes the relationship between painting and space, but expanding also to the “non painting”, as in the case of Martini where the canvas are “painted” from external atmospheric agents and the artist intervenes only to block a natural process in a precise moment, the moment in which himself decides which “image” he wants to stay on the canvas and therefore that he wants to offer.

For Marc Breslin, a Los Angeles based artist who works through the stratification of surfaces and different materials, the basement of the Foundation will become a studio where he will make a series of new paintings and debut a new video, Avalon Cruise, filmed on Avalon Boulevard in South Los Angeles which shows an unusual vision of the city.

Ana Manso will present an installation  with a wall painting and pictorial works created for the ground floor of the Foundation. She is interested in how images appear to us and in the aesthetic dominium that is generated through the relationship between the images.


Credits: Andrea Rossetti