December 19th - January 10th

The project Beyond the White by Viviana Valla, curated by Ivan Quaroni the Fondazione Rivoli 2, originates from a reflection on the modus operandi of the artist while realizing her pictorial works, and in particular on the bidimensional definition of the space offered by the white canvas - hence the title of the exhibition - trying to transpose it into the third dimension. A key element of this dialogue between painting and space is the idea of "hiding / masking" the image, which already is expressed in his paintings in the form of a blank form, which has a dual function: on one hand, to conceal the image of the painting consists of geometric fields of color and collage of various materials; on the other, bring out and highlight the same elements, which blend in complex games of high stratification.

This ambivalent module, concealing and revealing at the same time, is the central pivot around which the exhibition wheels. It translates into the spatial logic of the installation as a kind of "screen", no longer understood as a container for the image, but as a destabilizing element of the image, which invites the eye not to focus on it, but to investigate the elements paintings that are on the edge, beyond the traditional boundaries of perception.

On the ground floor welcomes visitors an environmental installation What remains. Resurfaces, which consists in a layering of different materials suspended from the ground which will be mostly covered to the vision of a large white canvas placed between two walls.

Upstairs the paintings This is the "where" and De-costriction: in this case the main theme is the stratification, materialized on the surface of the canvas. The works are made in mixed media.

In the basement welcome visitors three paintings: two wall-mounted and a third only work backlit which reveals the pictorial intervention in an unusual way.