November 14th - December 6th

"Indeed, everything comes alive when contradictions accumulate."
Gaston Bachelard

Living together presents a selection of images, in which each is designed as a meeting place between elements of different nature. "In my work - says Noris-  I'm interested in registering and recreating situations in which "things" in contradiction to each other coexist, and with "situation" I mean all the conditions and circumstances that determine a given time. Cohabitation involves the participation of at least two individuals, in my case they may be: living beings, inanimate objects, places, conditions and feelings. If in most cases the coexistence of opposite elements or contrasting ones, resolves with the conflict, in these works there isn't hostility, but an apparently peaceful coexistence ".

The project has the theme of sharing: a place, a time, a condition, a view of reality; investigated by the artist.

On the incoming floor is exposed the series of photos - Living together - as subject  the dioramas of the Museum of Natural History in Milan. The dioramas are three-dimensional sets realized such as assemblage of natural materials, painting backdrops and artificial casts, in order to capture landscapes truly existing. Born from the collaboration between artisans and scholars, these settings gives the visitor an experience of far away places.
The works on the first floor speak of far cohabitation, in which the apparent closeness brings out the separation that exists between the inside and the outside (as in Covered by the same sky, some home plants facing the window, trying to remember where they came from ).
In the basement, the picture Untitled arises from the memory of a trip to the mountains in wich combine contradictory feelings, fused together, as the nature and the artifice visible in the photo.
In the video Innocence somehow triumphs there is the happy ending story of a man intrigued by a cavity, he slips in it and then by emerging from it, he changes direction. The innocent curiosity of the character, initially led him into a trap, then releases him.

To accompany the visit to the exhibition the installation Living together: Thirty mice run on a fixed course, from a house to another in the spaces of the Foundation, without invading the territory of the viewer.