Emily Hawes, Chloƫ Iza Manasseh, Maria Teresa Ortoleva

26th September / 1st November 2014

With the title ACTION : SPACE, the exhibition will build upon a quote by French philosopher Henri Bergson. In his oeuvre Matter and Memory, he states: ‘Perception is master of space in the exact measure in which action is master of time.’

The common interest of the three artists is the notion of perception of space, which traverses landscape, digital space and virtual space. With the notion of experience as a starting point, the show will encounter thoughts about how a real space forms a perception and then translates into making: through drawing, painting and video.

The exhibition will develop a path through Maria Teresa Ortoleva’s digital projections and drawings, Chloë Iza Manasseh’s paintings and Emily Hawes’s sculptural structures and videos.

Through intervention and integration within the exhibition space different physicalities will be brought into conversation. These characterise the artists’ individual approaches, creating both juxtapositions and clarity within the collective space.

Engaging with spectators will be fundamental to push the work beyond its materiality, thus awakening in each viewer consciousness of the present space. In reference to Bergson, activation will be reached by provoking interaction between present reality and personal memory.