12th JUNE / 19th JULY 2014

The exhibition Be. To act must be wrapped into illusion, winding its way over the three floors of the Foundation, offers a path that is able to create a personal narrative story through a series of recent works such as paintings, drawings and videos.

The structure of matter in its report of harmony and conflict with the space, its illusory nature: these are the main constituent elements of the work. Necessary illusion to the action, as a shift from a bridge connecting what immediately appears to us and we can decodify, to something that stays in the back of an impression, an idea, trapped in an "illusory" space.

The exhibition starts on the ground floor with The spacebetween, a large canvas depicting the union of the main features of the pictorial work of Linda Carrara presenting the different levels of  an empty architecture: both those that divide the visible space, both the ideals ones, on which the pictorial illusion of matter is distributed.

On the first floor are arranged on special tables a series of notebooks, travel diaries realized by the artist during her residences in Brussels between 2012 and 2014. On the wall the large painting Behind in which the shadow of a figure conceals his identity behind a Chinese parasol, in an illusory game between the physical and imaginative dimensions.

In the basement, in addition to a series of paintings, there is a video, media which the artist has recently faced, in which the shadow of a molecular structure with a slight movement, becomes trail of a sculpture really realized but not present.