7th MAY / 8th JUNE 2014

The exhibition, Apologia vegetale. "Nature is life sleeping" F.W.J. Schelling, by Serena Zanardi presents a series of works - terracotta sculptures, photographs, sound installation, video projection - which investigates the link between human memory, made of visual and sound memories, and vegetal memory.
In Apologia vegetale the artist starts from vintage photographs bought in antique markets, in which the human element merge and mix up with the natural element, leaving a trace in nature itself.
The interaction between man and nature becomes the focal point of the relationship that is established between the two, which therefore contaminate each other.
The human transition in natural place leaves tangible signs that nature catalogs and stores. At the same time the man recovers the memory of his "original being" in a mimesis.
The Ligurian artist, who expresses herself mainly through the sculpture, in Apologia vegetale takes possession of different media such as photography, installation, video, drawing. All forms of expression which become functional to the setting of the human subject, which remains the central presence of the work.

In the mezzanine floor of Rivoli 2 is arranged a series of sculptures inspired by vintage photographs, or pictures taken in a woods.
In the upper room where is located an installation in which from a mound of earth, leaves and twigs of wood, from an old radio comes a looping sound (produced in collaboration with Alessandro Marzola), and a large drawing made directly on the wall represents a wooded setting populated by human figures.
In the basement space is located a video shooted in a forest, in which a mysterious young woman appears and disappears blending with nature; next to it ther's a nineteenth-century photographs album that recalls in color and texture of the cover, the moss covering the trees themselves.