Material Art Design

26th MARCH/26th APRIL 2014

MAD, Material Art Design, presents two artists and two designers who discuss about the interpretation of the materials used to create their works.
In the basement a project room, accommodates young designers from accredited schools of design, and their five projects.
The aim is to analyse the different, but at the same time complementary, approach to the use of materials and to compare two ways of expression which, even if with a different language, present particular affinity and points in common: if on the one hand, the artist reaches the public through the intangible value of the work, carried by his own thought and the position he takes towards reality, the designer confronts himself directly with reality, taking from it the inspiration to create objects designed to its refinement and improvement.
In the mezzanine floor of Rivoli 2, Loris Cecchini presents The polychromesandsession (polycarbonate UV protected, silica sand, pure pigments, optical lighting film, aluminum), belonging to a cycle of works which are presented as geometric fields of color, set in architectural fragments. Specifically, it is composed of a long horizontal texture made ​​of sands and pure pigment deposited within alveolar panels polycarbonate panels.
Bertozzi&Casoni propose Barili (pottery and semi-refractory) of oil, dirt and encrusted, which contain all kinds of waste, and that provide a shelter for birds such as the parrot and owl. The surveys on reality, carried out by the two artists, offer a mean to urge anxiety and uncertainty. Recreating the lightness of feathers, the coarseness of ground's lumps and the thick oily softness of oil, Bertozzi & Casoni invite you to discover how much of mysterious is contained in every single manifestation of the universe that surrounds man.
On the first floor Marzio Rusconi Clerici exposes Liquified (methacrylate, PVC, polycarbonate, wood, iron, electrical parts), which follows a research started time ago with the family of lamps Shakti for Kundalini, starting from an acrylic cylinder, as primary elementary geometry, he goes to re-invent new complex geometries and organic.
In the upper room,
On his hand, Guido Garotti offers his distinctive narrative design with the installation Bacchanalia, where the classical idea of the shell, a metaphor for fertility and femininity, has been implemented in the context of food, expanding the theme to a male counterpart: the fusillo. Created as a celebration of fertility and life, the project is exposed on a base of soil that brings out the sinuous bodies and the bright color.
The exhibition is completed by a project room set up in the basement of Rivolidue, in which young students from the Italian most accredited schools of design expose their projects and products, made of plastic or terracotta and ceramics. Eugenio Vannoni (San Marino, IUAV), Chen Wei Chin (Naba, New Academy of Fine Arts), Alessandro Trapletti, Matteo Marconi, Stefano Crivaro (IED), Elisa Sabrina Bizzotto, Elisa De Berti, Lucia Francia (School of Design, Politecnico - Milan), Marco Torosani (Academy of Fine Arts Brera).