Material Art Design

26th MARCH/26th APRIL 2014



Loris Cecchini:


Guido Garotti:

Marzio Rusconi Clerici:


Marco Torosani
Born in Brescia on December 14, 1988
Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, specialized in Product Design.

Project: ONIRICA
The works born as digital photographic collages, aimed at creating an impact of pleasent estrangement. In the heart of surrealist style, I choose images not pushed by reason, but by the unconscious.
With these visual poems, sometimes in Fellinian atmospheres, you want to give a starting point for an own interpretation, a memory, a return, a concept. But do not want to stop here.
The plastic material used as a contrast to the vibrations of the works, is reinventing itself for practical uses in everyday life.
Hence the idea of the multiple uses to which they can enslave, such as trays and coffee tables. Their strength and at the same time their lightness makes these artifacts, real works of art, practical both on the functional and the emotional side.

Alessandro Trapletti
Born in Seriate (Bg) on June 19, 1991
IED - Istituto Europeo di Design, Milan.

Matteo Marconi
Born in Chiari (Brescia) on July 25, 1991
Product Design at IED Milan.

Stefano Crivaro
Born in Baden (CH) on November 23, 1989
IED - Istituto Europeo di Design.

TwentyfourHours originates from the desire of deconstructing all the aspects of the existent dull clock. Usually the entire mechanics and precision of this object are hidden behind a one-piece quadrant that does not reveal absolutely nothing of all the poetry that cadences our time.  In this product, out intention was to consider the situation and its design according to the opposite point of view. In fact, what the man has always wanted to translate with the creation of the clock is the ability of knowing how to dominate time, by bounding it in a defined space, which is the quadrant. TwentyfourHours pursues the “dematerialization” of time itself. Through it, our intention was to propose a different approach of experiencing time, it is not a sequence of defined pulses anymore, but a philosophy where the clock represents us: the man is always in movement, TwentyfourHours shows an endless hour to hour evolution.

Eugenio Vannoni
Born in Rimini on February 12, 1985
Degree in Product Interaction Design, University of the Republic of San Marino - IUAV.

The clay is one of the first materials in the history of mankind to have been molded to the construction of artifacts.
Plastica is a three years thesis project which aims to analyze the mechanical and physical properties of the clay to outline its use as part of the product design and interior, which enhances the features. The aim of the project is also to give a lattice structure using a 3D frame with a naturally amorphous material.
By exploiting the physical properties of raw land, which in water contact becomes malleable and drying up keeps the given position to endless cycles without losing  structural quality, Plastica is a moldable three-dimensionally panel for the building.
For its internal structure the raw land (clay, aggregates and binders) has several properties known in architecture which contribute to healthy environments: temperature regulation, water regulation, air purification. is also one of the materials with lower environmental impact, considering the entire life cycle.

Weichih Cheh
Taiwan, born in 1987.
NABA, New Academy of Fine Arts, Milan. Masters in design and art.

Nobody is born to be perfect. We do have some shortcomings and defects in our lives. Sometimes, understading and facing these imperfect characters is beneficial, and it even helps people to think and change the situation.
This series of ceramic artwork depict an imperfect human personality. These imperfect features are reproduced into physical patterns with a symbolic meaning. In each object defective parts become main function of the object, which emphasizes the fact that an imperfect character matters and is not as bad as people think.

Elisa Sabrina Bizzotto
Born in Marostica (Vi) on April 21, 1989
Master of Science degree in Interior Design of the Politecnico in Milan.

Lucia Francia
Born in Verona on May 14, 1989
Master of Science Degree in Product Design for Innovation, at the Politecnico in Milan.

Elisa De Berti
Born in Lecco on June 14, 1989
Master of Science degree in Interior Design of the Politecnico in Milan.

Project: OPTIUP
Optiup is a scenic backdrop, created in the context of the University course of Metaproject at the Politecnico di Milano, Como seat. The brief included the construction of a diaphragm in a specific context, the bar-pub Roialto, following the values and philosophy of the company Cappellini. Revival of the '60s, with a modern twist, Optiup is scenic backdrop that besides having the function of dividing rooms and spaces is proposed as a scenic object. The design reminds an optical style through the use of oval shapes, emphasized by the geometrical pattern of the honeycomb core of the material, creating an interesting play of light and unexpected reflections. These forms make the object modular, which are connected together by elegant joints in steel designed ad hoc. The material used is the innovative Starlight ™ - Bencore: composite panel with a honeycomb transparent polycarbonate core, coupled with coating layers of Acrylic proposed in a range of finishes and colors. The qualities of lightness, structurality and transparency make Optiup unique in its kind.


Photo credits: Federico Borselli