Ipotesi pittoriche di future visioni

5 maggio / 4 giugno 2016

Pittura Futura created in collaboration with the professor Roberto Casiraghi and the Painting School of Brera Academy of Fine Arts, promoted by Ritorni al Futuro (Back in the Future) –  Milan municipality spring schedule,  present a group of young artists selected according to their research in the pictorial subject.  Flavia Albu, Alessio Binda, Lorenzo Bellini & Roberto Carovilla, Jaco Caputo, Stefano Cecatiello e Mattia Rossi are the seven young artists, born in the '90, that works on painting as a research field between perception and meaning. Their individuality reveal belonging to the pictorical language between marginality and expressive synthesis with agnostic approach and renewed involvement release by historical positions; chromatic areas and paths to highlight future hypothesis of visionaries horizons.  Use the term abstraction for this exposition would be restrictive. It comes to giving, beyond the usual categories, a today painting version that we do not recognize in formulas acquired but an attempt by unknown factor defining path where young artists experiments the pictorial medium as in the case of the duo Lorenzo Bellini & Roberto Carovilla that works in four hands on the “skin of the painting”; Alessio Binda who uses the color in the form of light with a video sequence composed of nine monochromes with 726 colors images for each one; Flavia Albu that investigates the existence of the things and their structure through the dynamism of the genesis of the forms; Jaco Caputo that processes is painting as a “forms event”, while Mattia Rossi experiments opacity and transparency through the use of pulsating and light colors spots. Finally Stefano Cecatiello “melts” the shape exploring the border between figuration and abstraction.  

Critical text in the catalog by Alberto Mugnaini. 

The projects it makes use of the patronage of the Lombardy Region.