Ipotesi pittoriche di future visioni

5 maggio / 4 giugno 2016

Flavia Albu 
Born in 1991, in Suceava, Romania. Since 1993 lives in Italy, where she enrolled in 2013 at the Three-years Painting  course at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, who is currently concluding. Among the more recent experiences we can quote the collective "Mnemon" at the Gallery Circuiti Dinamici (Ex Bertolt Brecht). 

Alessio Binda 
Was born in Locarno, Switzerland. He lives and works in Milan, where he attended the Three-years Painting course  at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts, where he is currently enrolled for the Painting master. Exhibitions: 2013 Swiss Hide, collective exhibition at the Gallery Fuori Orbita, Locarno; Surfaces 2014, collective exhibition at the space Polaresco , Bergamo; 2014 Collaudo,  collective exhibition at the occupied pace Rimaflow , Milan; 2015 Sfase, independent  collective exhibition and residency of one month. 

Jaco Caputo 
Was born in Milan in 1991. From 2013 he attended the Painting School at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. From September 2015 to May 2016 participates in Erasmus Program at EESAB- European Academy of Art in Brittany. In July of 2014 he takes part in a collective "Senza Piani" by the collective Neonart in Milan. 

Were born in 1990 and 1991 in Milan, where they live and work. They work together as an artistic duo from one year. They have attended the three-years Painting  course at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. They participated in 2015 in  “VIDEOZERO 1999 | 2015” at the Rivoli2 Foundation, Milan, and in the collective exhibition SfaSE, Alzano Lombardo BG.

Stefano Cecatiello 
Was born in 1992 in Segrate. Lives and works in Milan where he attended the Painting School at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts.  Collective exhibitions: Bergamo, 2014 space Polaresco "Surfaces". Milano, 2013 deconsecrated  Church of San Carpoforo, exhibition of the finalists of the prize "Paolina Brugnatelli". Awards: Milan, 2015 Spazio Oberdan, winner of the "Ricoh" photography section. Turin, 2014  former prison Le Nuove, "The Others art fair", selected for the "Rock the Academy" award.  Residences: Alzano Lombardo (Bg), 2015 "SFaSE" artist residency and exhibition.

Mattia Rossi 
was born in Sicily in 1984. In Milan he studied Direction and Audiovideo Production at IED. In 2010 he enrolled at the Painting School at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. Exhibitions: 2010 Workshop "Arti Future" at AreaOdeon. In 2012 realizes the video clip of Orange. In 2013 he participates in the collective exhibition Grafica in Opera at Villa Gori in Massarosa (Lucca) and at the first Biennial of Trapani. He exhibits in the former studio of Piero Manzoni with a collective exhibition "Amori Possibili". It presents the MM / SS project within the Festival of European Photography 014 in Reggio Emilia and then in Brussels at the Café Central. He exposes at the Museum Magi 900 (Pieve di Cento, BO) within the collective exhibition "Nuovi Sguardi".