De Sanctis

Futuri Interiori

12 febbraio - 19 marzo

The title of the project is Futuri Interiori, a typo born during a conversation between the artist and the curator, a debate in which was analyzed the relationship between the creation of the artwork and its fate. By replacing one letter it is set the key to read the entire exhibition, the first italian solo show by De Sanctis, who works and live in Bruxelles.

The exhibition itinerary unravels in three levels inside the Fondazione between pieces created ad hoc and less recent works, that make us better understand the artist research, that focus on the development of inner workings of appropriation and restituition and on the infinite chances of reading images.

Heart of the project is a set of ninteenth and twentieth-century paintings on which De Sanctis intervened and removed part of the pictorial layer, turning them into Marine, a genre extremely characterized in the history of art.

The iconographical reading grounds exclusively on the acknowledgement of absence. The artist plays with the  spectator, turning skies into oceans and instilling doubt on the substance of his intervention and on the effective existence of what appears to be removed. De Sanctis ships hide to show themeselves. Their denial is the only way to express them, writes the curator Marta Cereda.

A reflection that resume the key themes of the artist poetics: from passing of time to its distortion, the dichotomy between instant and duration.

The exhibit is completed by an artist book, Script, translation of an epistolary project that collects sparks and evolution of many of the pieces in the exhibition.

The project was achieved with the support of Wallonie-Bruxelles International (W.B.I.).

photo credits: serena zanardi
video creditds: federico frefel