Antoine Donzeaud

con Micah Hesse

"Needless to say I have some unusual habits"

2 Ottobre /14 Novembre

Antoine Donzeaud (Vitry-sur-Seine FR 1985) Born in 1985 in Vitry-sur-Seine FR, Antoine Donzeaud graduated from Villa Arson in Nice.The works of Antoine Donzeaud are the spatial completion of a mental urbanisation which devises new layout plans according to the space, its architecture and its history. In each of his installations the artist weaves a subtle balance between creation and destruction, demonstrating the use of an ambivalent vocabulary. In the artist’s practice the gesture is both pictorial and sculptural. In his flipped paintings or his folded paintings, figurative images become inaccessible. On the other hand the series of polythene works show the inside of the work – its frame, its skeleton – by transparency. These different forms constitute as many screens, frames, points of view : all of them being the depositories of coded writing. Antoine Donzeaud’s pieces or titles of his shows are inspired by litterature, and his references embrace J.D. Salinger’s American saga as well as Robert A. Heinlein’s futuristic fantasies. ‘The moon is a harsh mistress’, his last solo show at Galerie Valentin in Paris, featured a series of tainted transparent tarps stretched on frames built as a declension of architectural elements. ‘Raise high the roof beam, carpenters’ at MonChéri in Brussels referred to two symbols of American grandeur and staged an abandoned fictional habitat. In his most recent project, ‘Mr. Vertigo’, Antoine Donzeaud set up installations in several rooms of a former printing company in the suburbs of Paris.

Micah Hesse (New Mexico, 1991) works and lives in Chinatown, New York. BFA  Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, New York.