16th JANUARY / 2nd MARCH 2014

With EPITOME / HEAD / FEAR, Mark Bongiorni presents the research carried out over the past four years, the result of which is a complex and articulated set of installations, drawings, sculptures and paintings. The project is built around the unceasing practice of drawing and the putting into crisis of its operations to survey the possibilities. Bongiorni explores this practice in its more analytical details, constantly putting into question its mechanisms in mode and different surfaces: notebooks, old papers, posters, wood planks become the places where investigate the peculiarities of the drawing. On the mezzanine floor of Rivoli2 is located the impressive installation "Untitled_Teste Nere", consisting of drawings, sculptures and found objects, whose reading generates the inability to convey the uniqueness and the purpose, in an ongoing attempt to create correspondences and ties often impossible. Here Bongiorni's designs mark a path and a way of reading that the viewer must undertake in an autonomous way. In the basement space, a video reflects and documents the procedural nature of the graphic language. Into the video, an old bicycle turns into a drawing machine, called Obaobabike, through which it is possible to reflect on the limits and strengths of drawing from life. The exhibition closes ideally in the upper room occupied by some individual works that, by condensing different instances, represent the compendium of feeling and techniques related to his research.