16th JANUARY / 2nd MARCH 2014

Marco Bongiorni (Milano; 1981) is an Italian visual artist. After attending the Brera Academy, he graduated at Naba in 2003 where in 2005 began working as an assistant in the courses of painting by Claudio Olivieri and of design by Emanuele Mocarelli. In 2005 he attended the Master of Color Design at the Color Observatory Liguria in Genoa. He is currently professor of design at Naba and carries out design and consulting for corporate training. Since 2003, he carries out his research with particular attention to the role of drawing in the contemporary panorama, investigating how it works in order to test and put in crisis its internal dynamic in a constant translation that aims to achieve a shift of the same end of that practice. Among his recent projects we can mention:

Solo shows : 
"Attepmts for a utopian fixity" Galleria Six Milan Italy 2012/13
“Drawing by two” Galleria Marie Laure Fleisch curated by Ludovico Pratesi Rome Italy 2011
“La ripetizione, qualora sia possibile, rende felici” The Gallery Apart curated by Andrea Bruciati Rome Italy 2011
“Drawing” Galleria Artr Milan Italy 2008
“Cave Canem” Spazio Synphonia text by Martina Cavallarin, Claudio Olivieri, Pierluigi Casolari Milan Italy 2005

Selected group shows :
"Castel di Ieri, l'artista nel sistema e nel suo tempo" Castel di Ieri L'Aquila Italy 2013
"Chinese Whispers, a group show on the loss of control"curated by Andrea Baccin, Luca Francesconi, Ilaria Gianni, Ilaria Marotta, Costanza Paissan Cura Basement Rome Italy 2013
"Drawing Quote!" Pigna Project Space curated by Nick Oberthaler, Francesco Stocchi Rome Italy 2012/13
“WALLPAPERism” Motel Campo curated by Nick Oberthaler Geneve Switzerland 2011
“ Difetto come indizio del desiderio” NeonCampobase curate by Andrea Bruciati Bologna Italy 2011
“Il ramo d’oro” Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine curated by Andrea Bruciati, Eva Cumuzzi Udine Italy 2011
“There is no place like home” Via Col di Lana Anna C. Bleuler, Francesca Chiacchio, Sara Errico Milan Italy 2010
“For Exemple, Esempi di pittura nell’arte contemporanea” Bonellilab Canneto Sull’oglio Italy 2010
“We Can Be Heroes, Just For One Day” Gallery 1000eventi curated by Andrea Bruciati Milan Italy 2009
“10° Premio Cairo” Palazzo della Permanente curated by Marco Pierini Milano Italy 2009
“Appetite For Distruction” Museo Nazionale di Villa Guinigi curate by Alessandro Romanini Lucca Italy 2009
“L’immagine Sottile” Galleria Comunale D’arte Contemporanea curated by Andrea Bruciati Monfalcone Italy 2009
“Who Use The Space?” Isola Art Center curated by Marco Scotini Isola Art Center Milan Italy 2005

Photo credits: Tommaso Gesuato
Video: Emanuele Fiorito